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A local team

We’re a husband and wife team who live locally and have a strong sense of community. We share the ideals of the area and embrace the Erko lifestyle. We’re your local dental experts in the heart of Erskineville – so don’t be a stranger!

  • Dr David Leong (Dentist)

    Dr David Leong

    In between caring for teeth, Dave spends what little time he has immersing himself in the Newtown / Erskineville community. Whether it be spending time with Angela and their son River at the local park, walking his dogs along the narrow back streets, or spending time catching up with friends at a local establishment, he rarely even needs to leave the area.

    Dave is passionate about dental care, and before establishing Erko Dental he tutored at the University of Sydney Dental faculty in Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy).

    He likes to take the time to know his patients, explain treatment options, and educate them about good dental health. Dave is especially good with kids – he ensures they feel relaxed and happy throughout a treatment; Dave’s lame jokes are of a particular advantage in this scenario.

  • Dr Angela McCarthy (Dentist)

    Dr Angela McCarthy

    Angela enjoys sewing her own clothes, sculpting miniature dioramas, getting kisses from her doggies and killing any plant she buys from Bunnings.

    Luckily she’s much more passionate about dental care than plants and is extremely knowledgeable with not only a Dental degree but also a degree in Medical Science, a Masters of Pharmacy, and is also about to embark on a post graduate diploma in sedation dentistry! She also currently tutors root canal therapy at the University of Sydney.

    Angela is extremely patient and has a calming demeanour during treatment.

    She likes to make sure her patients are informed and is happy to explain

    what is happening during each procedure.

  • Dr Melissa Marinovic (Dentist)

    Dr Melissa Marinovic

    Mel believes a trip to the dentist should be informative and fun!

    Her kind gentle nature makes her especially good at treating anxious patients and nervous kiddies.

    By keeping up to date with modern techniques and practices Mel makes your visit to her as pleasant and painless as possible.

    Outside of the dental practice you might find Mel in the kitchen creating new recipes that her taste buds (and teeth!) approve of. She also loves to watch and play tennis with friends and family!

  • member

    Lisa-Marie, Holly, Nanette, Kirsty, Justina and Pia

    Our vivacious dental assistant ensure every patient is treated with respect and looked after with the utmost care.

“A smile is the Prettiest thing you
can wear. Try one on today.”

Our Services

We are a Full-Service dental practice offering a comprehensive range of treatments that will be tailored for you, with a focus on your specific long-term needs.

  • Hygiene and Prevention

    Hygiene and Prevention

    Good oral hygiene is at the core of what we do. We’re strong believers in education in order to formulate good daily habits that will maintain excellent dental health for life.

  • Fillings


    We offer a range of colour-matched fillings that will effectively hide the fact you’ve ever had a procedure.

  • Crowns, Veneers,
    Onlays and Bridges

    Crowns, Inlays and Onlays, Bridges

    We are fully experienced in all forms of Cosmetic Dentistry, in order to restore and protect teeth and gums for aesthetic and medical reasons. We can perform crowns in-house and on the same day.

  • Implants


    Sometimes people lose a tooth or teeth. It’s a harsh reality. Dental Implants are a great way to replace that gap to not only restore aesthetics but also function. We want you to not only smile but also bite better.

  • Endodontics
    (Root Canal Therapy)

    Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy)

    These days Endodontic Treatment, also known as Root Canal Therapy, can be performed virtually pain-free. If identified quickly, we can save the tooth, and repair any damage that may have occurred.

  • Kids Dentistry

    Kids Dentistry

    We believe it’s important to educate children as early as possible about good oral hygiene, to set them up for a lifetime of healthy teeth. We ensure children of all ages, especially toddlers, understand the importance of good dental care, and feel relaxed and comfortable throughout their visit.

  • Anxious Patients

    Anxious Patients

    We understand that, for a number of reasons, some patients will experience a high level of stress associated with their dental appointment. Don’t worry, we’re extremely familiar with such circumstances and have a range of relief options, including nitrous gas. Dr Angela is a Sedation Dentist who can also put you at ease.

  • Same Day
    Emergency Treatment

    Same Day Emergency Treatment

    When the unexpected happens we’re here to help. We offer a same day emergency priority service no matter what you require.

  • Hygiene and Prevention

    Hygiene and Prevention

    Good oral hygiene is at the core of what we do. We’re strong believers in education in order to formulate good daily habits that will maintain excellent dental health for life.


Advanced Technology

As a patient-focused dental practice we are committed to investing in the most advanced equipment that utilizes cutting-edge technology. When superior technology combines with clinical expertise our patients can enjoy a treatment that is often pain free, and fast.

Based on sophisticated CAD/CAM three-dimensional scans of teeth, we can make crowns and onlays in-house, with a milling machine, on the same day - a process that usually takes at least a week. It also results in a superior product that better protects the teeth.

Our 3D X-ray machine takes three-dimensional images of the teeth and jaw. It allows us access to invaluable information that aids in the diagnosis and treatment of complex cases.

We use digital x-rays and other machines that emanate an extremely low dose of radiation than other medical grade equipment currently used at dental practices.

Environmentally conscious

Erko Dental is an eco-friendly practice that is dedicated to taking care of you and your environment.

We try to achieve a paperless office by being a fully computerized, digital practice. We encourage emailing receipts instead of printing them, and all documents are kept in digital format.

We use low-energy LED light bulbs throughout the building, biodegradable products wherever possible and good quality equipment that will last to reduce waste.

Additionally our digital x-rays give off a much lower dosage of radiation than film whilst also avoiding the chemicals.

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